Sunday, October 5, 2008

the Vacuous Position of Sarah Palin

I just watched the debates between Biden and Palin tonight. And here's what I saw. Sarah Palin is an empty vessel. She doesn't have anywhere near the experience levels of either senators Joe Biden, Barrack Obama or John McCain. She brings absolutely nothing to the table. No amount of "This is how we did things back in Alaska!" Or "We need to bring a bit of Wassala Mainstreet to Washington" gives her any real gravitas. She hasn't been in politics long enough to be president or vice president of the United States. O.K. she's no "Washington insider," But in today's political arena you have to have savvy and political acumen as well as a certain amount of caginess to get anything done on Capitol Hill. She has none of this. She really is an empty vessel.

Sarah has nothing to offer the country. She has been nowhere. She seems to not even understand that her own state has more than an energy delivery infrastructure as its economic base. There's mining in Alaska, as well as fisheries, lumber production, a tourist trade, and a huge national park and recreation positioning. She talks about none of this. She talks about none of her real experiences. What she does do is gives lip-service. She gives it to herself, touting herself as a "business woman, a natural gas and energy regulator, a mayor and a governor" each position having been of such a super-short duration that she seems to have learned nothing from it. Her main claim to any experience at all is being a mom. Sorry folks, I love my mom. I love moms in general. But I know very few moms who would make a valuable and capable president of the Senate or the United States.

What really came across was her vacuous lip-service of every Bush/McCain agenda and program. She knew all the programs backwards and forwards, proving she was well rehearsed in what to say. She claimed that the administration made "huge blunders" then covered it up by saying the one she was going to be in, the McCain/Palin administration...would not make any such blunders and would be "true reformers" (i.e they would mop up the mistakes f the blunderers of her own ruling party...)and of course she kept repeating the holy of holies in the McCain camp "Maverick." I truly got the impression she did not realize what the world maverick meant. She just kept repeating it over and over. A maverick is a wild animal, one that bucks any restraint, and brooks no bit nor any brand. In other words not one that would compromise, or co-exist peacefully and work well with others. A maverick president at this time in history would be a major disaster waiting to happen. After all we've already got a "cowboy." We need leaders and captains with good souls, steady hands and a grasp on the terrain ahead. She showed that she had none of those qualities. Her continuous call to Democratic Women that she was going to help an old, white male, elder statesman like McCain bring about "real change" was so simplistic and hypocritical it was laughable. She had me yelling at the television: "But it's your candidate who is the leader of this whole mess!" McCain is a Bush man all the way in every significant detail. His "maverick" activities in the senate are mooted by his protection and upholding of the worst political machinery ever installed in Washington. McCain is the problem, not the solution. And not once did she offer one iota of information as to how McCain and she would somehow take the Bush Machine down and change Washington. She claimed she would help get rid of corruption. This from the woman who supports a man who was involved in the Keating Five scandal, who supports a man who cheated on his first wife and married a liquor magnate's daughter, a man who has more "kitchen tables" than any one man needs!

She gave lip-service too, to every ideal voiced by the Democrats, as if the Republicans had invented a cap on carbon emissions, protecting the ANWR in Alaska, saving Whales and puppies world wide and even upholding the rights of gay-married couples! When we all know she and her cronies, once in office would quickly and loudly destroy any and all of these ideals while abrogating and destroying the few rights we have left as they strive to change the Constitution. Just like Bush saying he was for the environment by stating if he sold more lumber to lumber companies in wildfire areas, then there would be less trees and ergo, less fires, This is the type of hypocritical hyperbole that the Bush Machine uses and she used it as well! Saying one thing and doing the exact opposite...calling something one thing (Clean Air Act) and having it be something completely the opposite (tax-breaks for major pollutors) what Bush and his NeoCon Republicans do so well! And Sarah wants us to believe this group, who would be even more firmly ensconced in Washington once McCain was in, would suddenly become Proto-Democratic Saints and Martyrs. What hog-wash really. It was all smoke and mirrors on her part. It was a long Will Rogers act pulling the tuft of his forelock and goin' "Aw shucks folks, I'm jest a poor old country boy! I don't know much, But I shore do know what America needs right now, yup! She needs ol' Johnny McCain!" This whole, "folksy" stunt was pulled by another famous incompetent Washington Insider named George W. Bush. And she would be an exact duplicate of this famous no-nothing, ill-educated wannabe statesmen, should she ever get into office.

The most chilling "tell" in her crappy poker hand was her mentioning that she was taking notes from Dick Cheney as to how to be vice president! At least at that point Biden became incensed and proclaimed Cheney as "The most dangerous vice president ever in the history of the country." If she is taking lessons from Cheney don't take her words about promoting change to heart. Sarah Palin is about to stand guard over the worst status quo ever to rule Capitol Hill and the U.S.A. She is a total Neo-Con puppet. One who looks like a typical American Soccer/Hockey Mom, but who will be corrupted and eventually cast away by her party like a pair of used panty hose when they no longer need her whimisical down-home folksy wit and charm, gosh darn it!

Without someone to stuff this poor little sick-puppet's head with words and to move her away and protect her from the media she will be as vacuous and empty a vessel as she seemed on Katey Kourick's interviews. Sarah Palin is the best tool ever to be created and used by these greedy and deranged Globalist Power Mongers who call themselves "Neo Conservatives." She'll make a wonderful Minister of Propoganda for the McCain regime.